We pride ourselves on investing early

At Looking Glass Capital, we invest in and support mission-driven founders building enterprise- and consumer-facing companies across the themes of health, climate, and empowerment.

We strive to partner with founders during the earliest days of company building. We don't get hung up on labels like "pre-seed" and "seed" — we simply want to get to know you as early as possible in your founding journey and be a source of support even prior to making an investment. Currently investing out of our first Fund, we are almost always investing in the first round of capital that a company raises and take pride in being an early believer in and supporter of entrepreneurs. We are not afraid of leading even with a comparatively smaller investment size, and we own firstyes.vc for a reason.

We are always "on call" for founders

Our promise is we will be one of your first and most dedicated partners in those early days, both pre- and post-investment. We pride ourselves on being as transparent and communicative as possible whether that's in person, on the phone, on a Zoom call, or through any number of messaging apps. Our goal is to be one of the most significant and meaningful investors in your early fundraise and support you with capital, advice, our network, and our time. The most important currency to us is our reputation with entrepreneurs. In short, we are always "on call" for the founders we have the privilege to invest in and work with.